An equated monthly installment (EMI) is a fixed amount of payment made per calendar month by a company that supports a specified date. Monthly installments installments are used every month to pay off both principal and interest so that the debt is paid off in full for a specified period of years.

Dear Customers, you can now buy products from Nextgen using credit cards. Some of these cards are available for EMI that are listed below and very soon all of the other banks will be added to our list. You can buy anything with low-interest rate from nextgen. We are offering EMI service will all of our products. EMI product will be also valid for warranty. If you get confused about EMI rates and interest please contact us our expert team will make you understand all of our EMI policies.

  • StandardChartered Bank (SCB)
  • BRACBank Limited
  • Shahjalallslami Bank Limited
  • DutchBangla Bank Limited
  • SoutheastBank Limited
  • StandardBank Limited
  • MutualTrust bank Limited
  • EasternBank Limited
  • LankaBangla
  • UnitedCommercial Bank (UCBL)
  • BankAsia Limited
  • DhakaBank Limited
  • MeghanaBank Limited
  • JamunaBank Limited
  • NationalCredit & Commerce ( NCC) Bank Limited
  • NRBBank Limited
  • NRBCBank Limited
  • SouthBangla Agriculture Bank (SBAC)
  • MidlandBank Limited
  • EximBank
  • PrimeBank Limited
  • City Bank